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Headlight Repair

Headlights Plus is primarily, a Headlight repairer. We conduct repairs to any headlight on the market and pride ourselves on our philosophy of performing repairs of the absolute highest standards of quality.

Constant research and experimentation has led to a repair program that is capable of repairing even the most complex headlights worth thousands of dollars. Prestigious smash repairers only accept such repaired headlights if they meet their strictest criteria and expectations. Headlights Plus is recognized within the industry as being one of very few avenues available to such smash repairers; a company they can rely upon for quality, service and of corse, cost savings.

Lens Repair

Today's vehicle designs often result in ABS plastic or other materials impacting the headlight lens during a collision. Whereas many years ago the headlight would be rendered discardable, with modern units the plastic lugs absorb much of the impact and if the Poly-carbonate lens doesn't crack, it will typically sustain relatively shallow scratches.

Hover over image to see results of polishing!

In 2001 we pioneered several techniques to repair and machine and polish poly-carbonate headlight lenses of various densities and hardness; all whilst preserving the original lenses physical and optical characteristics.

Since then, thousands of headlights have undergone this highly refined and specialised process. In each case, the otherwise discarded headlight is restored to as good-as-new condition, realising huge savings for our customers. We can repair lens scratches as deep as 3 millimetres in some cases, specifically in corner areas. Missing portions of poly-carbonate can be filled in with special UV-set compounds that share identical properties as the original material. Any lens we repair is guaranteed to look like new and is covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty.

Radiator Support Panels

Many modern vehicles, particular European models have featured composite Radiator Support Panels (RSP's) for some time. Such panels are typically made from Poly-propylene with glass fibre strands which are added for structural strength. Although plastic RSP's are not integral to a vehicle's rigidity, they are required to posess certain strengths. The fibrous composition of RSP's means that not all repairs are equal from a strength perspective.

After much in-house experimentation, in 2002 we submitted samples of various RSP repairs to ETRS Pty Ltd, a NATA accredited testing laboratory in Albion Victoria. Structural tests and comparisons were performed and tests concluded that one particular technique of repair produced results that were similar to the original material, thus satisfying structural requirements for the repair of such body parts. (Testing results are available upon request).

Other Plastic Components

We repair any plastic components to the same high standards as our headlights; this includes fibre-glass panels like motorcycle fairings and truck panels. Virtually any plastic or composite can be repaired by us. Headlight reflectors are perhaps the only exception. We can perform electroplating but the thermoset composite that comprises the reflector is typically un-repairable if cracked.

We can repair cracked and chipped mirrors by replacing the mirror surface and repairing the casing for primer coating.

An increasing number of vehicles incorporate plastic body panels. Their flexible nature means that low speed impact damage often results in cracks and scratches rather than permanent shape deformation. As such, they can readily be repaired to original condition and save the owner the un-necessary expense of replacing the panel.

Change-Over Inventory

When we deliver a change-over headlight and pick-up the damaged unit for repairs, we charge only for the cost of repairs, saving expenses for the customer wherever possible on every job.


Headlights Plus guarantees it's customers a free 24-hour pick-up and drop-off turnaround service for all Melbourne metropolitan orders placed before 10am. For interstate and country Victorian customers, we provision 48 hours. Jobs requiring unusually complex headlight repairs or outsourcing parts/materials may result in longer repair times.

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